Untold Strength Gear

Show your support, get some Untold Strength gear…….

 This HANDMADE Hip Nana Creation Doll is made exclusively for Untold Strength. 20% of all sold will go directly to U.S. thanks to Debbie Berry and her amazing talent. Each comes numbered and signed and can be customized just for you. Each also comes with a card describing the doll and its relation to mental illness. “Mental Illness can make you feel like you live within a sphere…..some days you see the light coming through the gaps…..if you know someone suffering, take a moment, reach through the gaps and hug them………”

Message us at untoldstrength.maine@gmail.com to order your customized doll today!

$55 each and free delivery within 30 miles of Lewiston/Auburn.


$8 each or 4 for $20

Free Local Delivery (within 10 miles of Lewiston/Auburn)

$5 shipping/handling for all others

Wristbands $2 each or FREE with any purchase of an Untold Strength Doll

Place your order today by emailing us @ untoldstrength.maine@gmail.com

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